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The Rising Prevalence of Diabetes and its Confounding Complications

New research from Decision Resources Group finds that the prevalent type 2 diabetes population in the G7 is rapidly increasing. And it's a confounding problem as to how to slow it down.

A Thai Liver Parasite Could be the Answer to Wound Healing in Diabetics Says Study

Every day 12 Australian diabetics have a limb amputated because of a non-healing wound. Globally, it's one every 30 seconds. A molecule produced by a...


Everyday Diabetes Recipes Yummy

Three Questions


Dr. Masatake Sugimoto on the ‘Narrative Approach’ to Treating Diabetes

Everyday Diabetes recently had the chance to chat with Dr. Masatake Sugimoto from the Tokyo Adventist Hospital in Japan. Dr. Sugimoto is a proponent of the patient-centered "Narrative Approach", a method whereby the practitioner is interested in the stories that shape peoples lives.

A Conversation with Chef Robert Lewis – The Happy Diabetic

Type 2 Diabetic Chef Robert Lewis has always been at home in the kitchen. Following his diagnosis in 1998, Lewis, who now goes by the name, “The Happy Diabetic”, feared the worst.


Diabetes Late Nite Podcast: Inspired by Gladys Knight & The Pips

Mr. Divabetic talks about embracing people with diabetes heath-related complications with musical inspiration from Della Reese.

Alien Yoga, anyone?

Forget about beer yoga or AquaPole, alien yoga is the latest craze in fitness these days and is taking social media by storm. The...





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