Bobby McGill

Bobby McGill is the Editor in Chief of Everyday Diabetes Magazine.

Dr. Masatake Sugimoto on the ‘Narrative Approach’ to Treating Diabetes

Everyday Diabetes recently had the chance to chat with Dr. Masatake Sugimoto from the Tokyo Adventist Hospital in Japan. Dr. Sugimoto is a proponent of the patient-centered "Narrative Approach", a method whereby the practitioner is interested in the stories that shape peoples lives.

3 Questions: Karen Murray, Type 2 Diabetic from Lakewood, California

Karen was just recently diagnosed with Type 2 in May of this year --one week before she was to celebrate her 49th birthday.

Interview: Bryan Hopkins – Father, Korea-based Lawyer, Type 2 Diabetic

Bryan was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 14 years ago. Everyday Diabetes recently caught up with him at his office in Seoul to talk about working for Samsung in the 1980s and about living with diabetes in South Korea.

3 Questions: Chef Robert Lewis, the Happy Diabetic

We ask Everyday Diabetics three questions and they record themselves answering from the heart. Real people, real answers, unfiltered and uncut for the real...

3 Questions: April Bates, Type 2 Diabetic from Deland, Florida

When doctors told April that she had Type 2 Diabetes in November of 2015, it was at the same time they diagnosed her with Congestive Heart Failure.

3 Questions: Rick Storm, Type 2 Diabetic from Beaverton, Oregon

This week we put three questions to Rick Storm. A 52-year old native of Sacramento, California, now living in Beaverton, Oregon, Rick's 9-5 is for a fire protection company where he oversees the day to day business.

Interview: Scott K. Johnson, Writer, Advocate, Type 1 Diabetic

In 2004, Scott picked up the pen (or the keyboard in this case) and started blogging about his life at . He has, until this day, remained an unwavering and incredibly refreshing voice on the topic of diabetes.

Interview: Jill Knapp on Overcoming Life’s Adversity – Including Losing over 100 Pounds

Jill recently spoke with Everyday Diabetes from her home in Boise, Idaho about her remarkable story, which includes losing over 100 pounds, and her hope to inspire others with the valuable life lessons she has learned on her journey.

Interview: Dr. Bernard Golden on Anger Management, Mindfulness and Diabetes

Diabetes, although not caused by anger, may be exacerbated by anger. Increased levels of cortisol, resulting from the “fight-flight” response associated with anger, can impact blood glucose levels as well as decrease the immune system.

Interview: Carlos Ilarraza, Retired Law Enforcement Officer, Type 2 Diabetic

Perhaps what's most interesting about Carlos is his pitch-perfect optimism --he truly does not let diabetes get him down, at all. In fact, he's quite forthright in his gratitude to it, because it forced him to get fit and to get healthy.