Bobby McGill

Bobby McGill is the Editor in Chief of Everyday Diabetes Magazine.

Apple Gets into the Fight against Diabetes with CareKit

Apple has rolled out Carekit, a mobile app framework that serves as an open-source software platform to make it easier for developers to build health apps on iOS devices.

Interview: Ann Baker on Smart Cloud Tech and Diabetes Treatment

Everyday Diabetes recently spoke with Ann Baker, vice president of wellness and care management at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan about the project and about diabetes care in the U.S.

An Interview with Dr. Seema Nanda on Good Health and Living with Diabetes

Along with being a wife and mother, Dr. Nanda is co-founder and editor in chief of the Be Fit and Fine blog, where she pens with a passion on health and wellness.

Everyday Diabetes: Melissa Kane – Single Mother, Business Owner, Type 2 Diabetic

When Melissa, a 39-year-old New Hampshire native and single mother of two boys found out she had diabetes, she knew she had to take control of her life.