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New Fitness Band Measures Hydration and Tells you How Much Water you Need

Now there's new wearable fitness tracker called the LVL band that uses infrared to monitor your hydration levels in real-time and then offers advice on how much water you need.

An Interview with Daniel Puddick – Founder of Sundried Activewear

Every piece of Sundried activewear comes with a special tracking code on the label that allows consumers the chance to explore the whole journey of the garment through the production process.

Diabetes Could Contribute to Memory Loss in Older Adults says Study

According to a new study, poorly controlled diabetes can lead some older adults to struggle with a condition that's known as episodic memory.

Want to Remember Something You Just Learned? Exercise 4 Hours Afterwards

New research suggests an intriguing strategy to boost memory for what you've just learned: hit the gym four hours later.

Teen’s Facebook Post Goes Viral for Showing ‘What Diabetes Really Looks Like’

Milzark viral post grew out of her being upset that so many people post pics of cakes and candle on social media while including the hashtag #diabetes.

The Benefits of a Healthy Love Affair with Mineral Water

More people are waking up to the benefits of drinking mineral water as a way to enhance their well-being and overall health.

Man Eats Chipotle Every Day for One Year to Prove Point About Dieting

Saying it's possible to stay fit on any diet --as long as you exercise and control portions-- Washington State resident, Devin Cunningham, spent the entire year eating Chipotle to prove his point.