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2016 International Conference on Diabetes and Metabolism opens in Seoul

Today the 2016 International Conference on Diabetes and Metabolism opened in Seoul. The gathering of over 1,300 attendees from around the world will meet for seminars, lectures and networking through October 15th.

Eric Paslay Opens up About Living with Type 1 Diabetes Since he was Ten

Singer Eric Paslay has opened up about living with Type 1 diabetes in a new interview with People. He was diagnosed at age 10 after his grandmother noticed his excessive thirst.

Check out These Great Tips for Staying Active with Diabetes

It doesn't take much, just determination and consistency and the next thing you know, you're active!

Women Consuming too Much Meat, Fish at Higher Diabetes Risk Says Study

"However, we would not go so far as to say that fish is no longer a healthy and safe option," the study authors said. "Other studies are needed."

Study says You can save $2500 per Year with Regular Exercise

Getting recommended levels of exercise weekly could help you save as much as $2500, according to new research

The Wine Diet? New Book takes Novel Approach to Losing Weight

The Wine Diet claims to gives readers the tools to cut calories without sacrificing their social lives, their dessert, their favorite beverages, or their dignity.

Diabetes 2 Risk Affected by How You Cook Food Study Finds

High levels of AGEs have been associated with insulin resistance, inflammation and stress on the body's cells, which are the markers of diabetes.

Jennifer Lopez Dishes up Some Fitness Secrets for Staying Healthy

With a successful career spanning two decades and still working harder than ever, how does Jennifer Lopez manage to stay in great shape?

Fitness Trainers Gain 60 Lbs. and Drop it Again to Show How Hard it is to Lose Weight

Fitness trainers, and husband and wife, Sharny and Julius Kieser, wanted to show that after gaining weight that they could gain it back and lost it again. So they purposely gained 60 lbs.

Crawling Around on the Floor for Better Fitness?

According to Johnson at the Mayo Clinic your best bet for exercise does not involve equipment, running, jumping or even standing. How about crawling?