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Happy Meal Fitness Trackers Pulled by McDonald’s Due to Skin Irritation

McDonald's has pulled the "Step It!" fitness tracker toy following after children reported experiencing "skin irritations" from the wristband.

Frequent Facebook Fitness Posts Could be Sign of Psychological Problems

Did you just have a great workout and then post it on Facebook? There may be something wrong with you mentally says new research.

Soda Taxes Coming? Measures Move to the Ballot Box in the US

American waistlines are expanding at an increasing rate and those looking to curb it have once again turned their eyes towards a soda tax.

Type 2 Diabetics Should Quit Paleo Diet Until More Clinical Evidence says Expert

Quit the paleo diet until there's more substantial clinical evidence supporting its health benefits, says the head of the Australian Diabetes Society.

State of Denial – 75 Percent of Americans Say that they Eat Healthy

Most Americans, it would seem, don't think they're unhealthy at all. A new study has shed some insight as to why some 36 percent of adults in the U.S. are obese and the problem is getting worse.

Weight Watchers ‘Naked Issue’ Aims to Raise Men and Women’s Self Confidence

Research from Weight Watchers reveals that 75% of women in England dislike their body with 27% feeling so ashamed in the nude that they have sex with the lights off or avoid it entirely.

Air Pollution May Increase Diabetes Risk says Study

The study in southern California linked exposure to bad air to increased risk of high cholesterol and damage to the body's ability to process blood sugar.

Nick Jonas Holds a Special Meet-and-Greet With Diabetic Fans

It is so empowering for our young patients to see a superstar like Nick Jonas who has shared experiences with them as someone with type 1 diabetes.

Nearly One in Five Teens in the U.S. Has Diabetes or Prediabetes Says New Study

According to the study, one in five American teenagers has an abnormal glucose level, according to new government data.

‘Catch-Up Sleep’ May Reverse Diabetes Risk

Though prior research has warned that a lack of sleep could increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, a new study suggests that "catch-up" sleep might reverse that risk -- at least over the short-term.