Marc Sheffield

Marc is a frequent contributor to Everyday Diabetes.

New Treatment Could Help Those with Phantom Limb Pain

Military veterans wounded in combat and people with medical conditions, such as uncontrolled diabetes, constitute a significant part of the population affected by phantom pain from lost limbs.

Diabetes and Air Travel – Managing your Medication Across Time Zones

Travelers with diabetes face a lot of risks as far as managing their diabetes, especially with long-haul travel across time zones

Genetically Modified Foods – New Harris Poll Gives Consumer Insight

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our food has been hotly debated by consumers, manufacturers, scientists, and governments alike. A new Harris Poll reveals consumers' awareness of and perspectives on GMO labeling.

Facebook Bans Plus Size Model for Violating ‘Health and Fitness Standards’

Facebook has come under intense criticism after it banned a picture of Tess Holliday, a plus size model who they claim violated their health and fitness standards.

YMCA Wins Appy Award for Y-MVP Fitness App for Teens

New York City's YMCA won the 2016 Appy Award in the charity/non-profit category for the Y-MVP app, the organization's first-ever proprietary mobile fitness app.

Team in Korea Developing Patch that Analyzes Sweat to Detect Sugar Levels

The Institute for Basic Science in South Korea is developing a dual patch that not only monitors blood glucose levels but also delivers medication to reduce high sugar levels when they occur.

Diabetes Prevention: Salmon and Plant-Based Oils May Slow Progression in Prediabetes Cases

Ditch that next greasy meal for plate of salmon cooked in a plant-based oil and some vegetables. Salmon could slow down the progress of Type 2.

Diabetes Study Claims White Rice Worse than Sugary Drinks for Asians

Is white rice worse than sugary drinks in the fight to prevent diabetes? That's what health authorities in Singapore are saying --identifying it as one of their primary concerns.

Diabetics Could Say Goodbye to Finger Prick Test Thanks to Revolutionary Device

Diabetics encouraged as Scientists in Wales have developed a portable blood glucose measuring device which uses microwaves instead of the traditional finger prick.

Ranking the Best Online Weight Loss Communities

How are things going with your fitness and diet? For many of us, we're back to our old ways after making resolutions that seem so long ago at the new year. For those of you who are sticking to it --great!