Scott Johnson

Scott has been kind enough to share his insights with our readers. He is the author of the blog site Scott's Diabetes. You can read a whole lot more at

Review: Balancing Diabetes: Conversations About Finding Happiness and Living Well

It’s a fascinating look at Kerri’s own experiences with diabetes, which is content worthy of attention all its own. But she’s also added commentary and quotes from nearly forty others.

The Great Work of the Diabetes Scholars Foundation

The Diabetes Scholars Foundation does amazing work. I hope to introduce you to part of their magic that you may not be aware of.

Note to Self: Don’t Go Shopping With Low Blood Sugar

I grabbed a sweet treat at the cash register, ate it, then headed out to the car in a buzz of relief and concern about what happened.

The Faces of Diabetes – Breaking Stereotypes with Positive Attitudes

The Faces of Diabetes is a nonprofit dedicated to changing the way people see diabetes. Founded by Edward Fielder, the idea started from his senior thesis at Troy University where he mixed the heavy subject matter of diabetes and the humor often found in the situations we end up in.

A Practical Example of Overthinking My Diabetes

Sometimes I need to calm down and stop interfering with my diabetes so much.