Man Eats Chipotle Every Day for One Year to Prove Point About Dieting


Saying it’s possible to stay fit on any diet –as long as you exercise and control portions– Washington State resident, Devin Cunningham, spent the entire year eating Chipotle to prove his point.

In a post on Facebook, he wrote:

“I want to show people that they can be fit while still enjoying the food they love. When you enjoy what you eat on your “diet,” and you do it in moderation, it is that much easier to achieve your fitness goals.”

And talk about dedication: The recent E. coli outbreak in several Chipotle chains across the nation forced Devin to travel all the way to Canada to get his meals.

“You look pretty good for eating Chipotle,” the border agents told Cunningham as he explained his reason for visiting Canada.

“I got seven burritos and brought them back. I froze them and heated them up in my microwave oven for the next few days,” he said.

Variety, exercise, the key

“I keep trying different combos to keep things fresh,” Cunningham told The Daily News. “You can do different meats and salsas. You can do tacos. You can do bowls. You can do burritos.”

And he mixed things up depending on his fitness goals as well.

“If I’m bulking, I’ll get like burritos and guac, but if I’m cutting, I’ll get burrito bowls and you know, limit the rice, limit the cheese- but yeah, I change it up quite often,” Cunningham said.

Man Eats Chipotle for One YearGranted, Cunningham started out in good shape.

He said his goal was to initially bulk up and then slim down for summer season. He started at 156 pounds and 12% body fat –with a goal of reaching 170 pounds and about 14% body fat before cutting down to 150 pounds at 9% body fat.

By working out 4-5 days a week for one hour, Cunningham says he’s now dropped down to 146 pounds.

It goes without saying that if you are thinking of trying something like this, please consult your doctor.