Curious to Know Which Countries Have the Highest Diabetes Rates?


If you would see the list of the top 51 countries with the highest diabetes rates – you will find that it is dominated by small island nations and countries in the Middle East. Limited food labeling seems to be the contributing factor as to why small island nations have high diabetes rates and the consumption of processed food for the Middle East.

The data used was from the International Diabetes Foundation and used the most recent (2015). The data includes levels of diabetes prevalence for people aged 20 to 79, the total number of diabetes cases, and the mortality rate. Both types 1 and 2 were considered.

QCTimes reports:

#10.  New Caledonia

#9. Kuwait

#8. Saudi Arabia

#7. Qatar

#6. Palau

#5. Marshall Islands

#4. Cook Islands

#3. Mauritius

#2. Nauru

#1. Tokelau


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