Viewers Outraged by Diabetes ‘Joke’ on Popular British Show

Diabetes Joke Kim Fox East Enders
Actress, Tameka Empson

Viewers of the popular British TV program Eastenders have expressed outrage and have criticized the soap after a scene made a ‘joke’ about diabetes was aired.

One of the characters, Kim Fox was preparing for her daughter Pearl’s party and cracked: “If the kids don’t give themselves diabetes, it’s not a good party, is it?”

While the Kim character is known for making brash, offensive and at times wildly exaggerated comments, many thought the show, which has been on the air since 1985, went too far this time.

Pointing out that what Kim said was factually incorrect, others went so far as to contact Diabetes UK to become involved.

Many viewers took to social media to express their annoyance.

A spokesperson for the show commented on the issue, saying:

“As regular EastEnders viewers know, Kim has long been established as a facetious character who usually gets more things wrong than right.

The spokesperson also highlighted the fact that one of the characters on the show has diabetes.

“EastEnders has a rich history of covering important issues such as diabetes and has addressed the realities of living with the condition through the character Paul Coker, whose condition will be featured more in the future”.



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