Diabetes Late Nite Podcast with Mr. Divabetic – Inspired by Meghan Trainor


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Tonight, we’re talking about BODY IMAGE & DIABETES with musical inspiration from Meghan Trainor.

Think about it. Have you considered if your body image impacts your diabetes?

For people with diabetes, these attitudes may be very healthy which actually helps them manage their diabetes or they may be unhealthy which may lead to blood glucose values that are damaging.

People with a healthy body image see themselves as they really are and are happy with the way they feel and look.

For people that do not have a healthy body image, the term body dysmorphic disorder is sometimes used.

One of the biggest hits of last year,  Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” isn’t your typical pop song.

“My producer and I wanted to do a fun song, so we thought why not do a song about loving yourself and loving your body, because I don’t think girls love themselves as much as they should,” Trainor says.

Guests include Chef Robert Lewis aka ‘The Happy Diabetic’, the Charlie’s Angels of Outreach (Patricia Addie-Gentle RN, CDE), Style Blogger Doris Hobbs, Emmy Award winning Producer Linda Bracero Morel,  Poet Lorraine Brooks and Mama Rose Marie.

Throughout the podcast we will be playing selected songs from Meghan Trainor’s “Thank You” album courtesy of SONY Music.

Diabetes Late Nite is a fast-paced, full-filled hour of diabetes education and wellness advice that encourages listeners to “laugh a little, learn a lot.”

 About Mr. Divabetic

Mr. Divabetic Diabetes PodcastHosted by the happiest health care “MC,” Max “Mr. Divabetic” Szadek, DivaTalkRadio will change attitudes, boost spirits, encourage hope and motivate others to stay healthy with a feather boa, a smile and fabulous sense of style! DivaTalkRadio is the epicenter of the circle of care, a link between patients and their health care providers, a translator of clinical speak and a bridge between denial and acceptance, fear and confidence. Divabetic was inspired by the late music legend, Luther Vandross and created in 2005 by Max Szadek, who, as Vandross’ assistant of 14 years, witnessed his boss, mentor, and friend struggle in silence and solitude with the diabetes and its related complications.

President Barak Obama, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter have acknowledged Divabetic for its dedication and determination on behalf of the diabetes community. Through education, support and a Glam More, Fear Less philosophy, Divabetic encourages a predominately-female entourage to become wellness and health ambassadors to their families and their communities. Visit Divabetic on the web: www.divabetic.org.



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