Couple Charged with Murder After Denying Treatment to Diabetic Son

Alex Radita Diabetes

A 15-year-old Canadian boy suffering from severe diabetes died due to the neglect of his religious parents who refused to seek medical care, CBC reports.

Emil and Rodica Radita are being charged with first-degree murder after their son, Alex, died in 2013. According to prosecutors the effects of the Radita’s refusal to seek medical care and to instead rely on prayer and home treatment are directly linked to the boys passing.

Alex was first diagnosed with diabetes when he was 3 year old. His condition was controlable by keeping tabs on his blood glucose levels and giving insulin when needed.

However, Alex’s’ parents were convinced that doctors caused the condition by treating him for it and left his diabetes untreated and in the hands of God.

After years of neglect by his parents, Alex became seriously ill in May 2013. His parents had fellow church members come to their home and pray for him.

One member, Marius Ciltan, testified to jurors that he couldn’t even tell if the boy was still alive when he arrived.

“He was looking very bad,” Ciltan said in court.

During testimony it was revealed were told that Alex Radita was dead for up to 36 hours before his parents called 911.

Social services once took Alex into custody for a year — but he ended up back with his parents who insisted they would care for him on their own, friends said.



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