Eversense Looks to Help People Say Goodbye to Finger Pricking Tests


Imagine being diabetic but without the finger prick test to check for blood glucose levels. Yes, it is now possible with the new device called Eversense. It is slightly larger than a pill and is implanted under the skin in a five-minute procedure. It then continuously monitors blood sugar levels from the fluid that bathes cells just below the skin and transmits the data to a smartphone. The device received approval last year.

Dailymail reports:

Eversense is a continuous glucose monitor. Some patients already use devices such as the FreeStyle Libre and Enlite, which work in a similar way, but these need to be replaced every seven to 14 days. In contrast, Eversense will last for 90 days before it needs replacing.

It comprises a pill-sized implant and a small, square patch stuck to the skin above the device. Patients are given a local anesthetic in the arm. A 1cm incision is made in the skin to insert the sensor and is then closed.

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