Five Diabetes Products Worth Keeping Your Eye Out For


Technology is always changing as new and innovative ideas get approval and hit the market. Here are five products worth keeping your eye out for to help you stay on top of your diabetes treatment program.

Dario All-In-One Meter

Dario All in One Meter - Everyday Diabetes Magazine

Dario is an awesome little device that makes your smartphone a glucose meter. The meter, which has an adapter that plugs into a smartphone’s audio jack, comes with a free app in addition to the strips and the lancet poker. Once the device is connected, the phone becomes a glucose monitor, ready to tell the user their blood sugar level through a straight transmission to the smartphone (both Android and Apple capabilities). In addition to providing readings, the smartphone app can help a diabetic track food, which will help with carb intake estimations.

Medtronic Minimed 640G Insulin Pump

Medtronic Minimed Insulin Pump - Everyday Diabetes Magazine

With a fresh look and a vertical design, mimicking a smartphone rather than a pager, the latest model of the Minimed received a much-needed makeover. The capability of the pump also received a makeover, now able to predict hypoglycemia before it happens and suspending insulin dosing to prevent a low, rather than shutting off dosing after a low threshold has already been reached. This is in addition to the Low Glucose Suspend feature already found on their 530G model.

Abbott Freestyle Libre

Abbott Freestyle Libre - Everyday Diabetes Magazine

Marketed as “flash glucose monitoring,” the Libre allows users to have a continuous glucose monitor without the hassle – instead of a continuous display of readings, the user can quickly run a scanner over the small monitor, giving a glucose reading at any time, even through clothes! The sensor is worn under the skin and is attached to a small, white transmitter. This waterproof system stores up to 8 hours of information, displaying the current reading as well as past readings on the monitor.

Locemia Nasal Glucagon

Locemia Nasal Glucagon- Everyday Diabetes Magazine

Fast-acting powdered glucagon can be inhaled through the nasal cavity in case of an emergency, thanks to the new Locemia Nasal Glucagon spray that should be hitting markets this year. Rather than having to mix a number of medicines and use a large needle on somebody with hypoglycemia, Locemia allows an emergency responder to easily help. It is like any other nasal spray – stick it in a nostril, push the tube, and the spray comes out, allowing glucagon to to take action within minutes.

Insulet Omnipod Phoenix PDM Insulin Pump

Insulet Omnipod Insulin Pump - Everyday Diabetes Magazine

The new controller, called the Phoenix PDM, for Omnipod’s Insulin Pump resembles a smartphone, with a sleek, easy-to-use touch screen display. While it will be Bluetooth enabled, it still will not be able to integrate with the Dexcom G5, although the company is working towards that. The device has a number of features, including a lock screen display of how much insulin is in the pump and a carb database from Calorieking to help with food planning.

Be sure to check with your healthcare provider before trying out any new medication or devices!



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