Korea Adjusts to Eating White Eggs as Imports from America Stem Shortage


As South Korea struggles with a devastating outbreak of bird flu, about 1.5 million eggs imported from the United States for the first time went hit the shelves there on Monday.

Reviews of the imported eggs have been mixed –much of the critique concerning the white color of the shell. This in a country accustomed to eating brown-shelled eggs.

“I just don’t feel comfortable buying white eggs,” one shopper named Ms. Oh told the Joong-ang Ilbo as she placed a carton of 10 brown Korean eggs in her cart. “I’ve never tried the white ones before.”

The Korean government for the first time approved importing fresh eggs from the United States earlier this month to ease an egg shortage. Of the more than 30 million chickens that have been culled in the country for bird flu, nearly one-third egg-laying hens.

This sent egg prices soaring more than 70 percent, from an average price of 5,600 won ($4.80) for a 30-egg tray in November to as high as 10,000 won this month.

The Ilbo reports that the rise in egg prices is especially ill-timed –this because ancestral rites for the upcoming Lunar New Year require a lot of eggs.

Source: Branding in Asia



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