Man Blames Diabetes in Manslaughter Car Crash Charges


Despite a defense attorney claiming the accident was the result of his client’s diabetes and a bad reaction to medication, a western Pennsylvania man could spend up to 14 years in prison for killing two people in an automobile accident.

Defense attorney Patrick Thomassey told a Westmoreland County judge that his client, 41-year-old Gary King, was a “good man” and that the court should look upon his plea favorably.

Judge Christopher Feliciani, however, said that placing the blame on medication was flimsy at best, pointing to the fact that King could have simply pulled over if he wasn’t feeling well.

Instead, investigators say that King kept driving at a speed of at least 88 MPH on Pennsylvania’s Interstate 70 before his vehicle crossed into the oncoming lane where it rammed a vehicle driven by 64-year-old Frank Armstrong, of New Castle. Armstrong was killed in the crash and his rear-seat passenger, 91-year-old Freda Rorke, of Belle Vernon, died later in the hospital.

The judge handed King a sentence of 18 months to 14 years in prison.



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