Ask Dr. Sally: Exercise in the Morning or in the Evening? What’s Better when You’re Busy?

Dr. Sally Norton is an NHS weight loss consultant and founder of She's happy to answer questions you might have about healthy living.


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Dr. Sally Norton


“My schedule is super busy for with my new job and my days are jam packed. What is my best option for getting in a workout? After work in the evening or before in the early morning?”

A: Fitting exercise into a busy work schedule is hard but actually, the busier you get, the more important it is to look after yourself. What’s more, it can seem like you haven’t got time to exercise but the fitter you are, the more efficiently you will work, saving you time in the long run.

If you are a morning person, a short and sweet session of intense HIITs exercises will set you up for the day as well as help your metabolic health and weight. They are worth setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier for.

If you are more of an evening person, just remember that if you are home late from work, exercising just before bed may affect your sleep so make sure you have a bit of time to unwind.

However, when you’re busy it’s often easier to sustain if you can build exercise into your day. Can you walk or cycle for some / all of your commute? Can you make a workout of any flights of stairs at work? And taking a brisk 30-minute walk at lunchtime will also clear your head ready for a productive afternoon ahead.

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