Nick Jonas Holds a Special Meet-and-Greet With Diabetic Fans


Nick Jonas hosted a special engagement for a group of 40 kids and parents from the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston at the TD Garden arena, where he was getting ready for his Future Now Tour concert with Demi Lovato.

Not only did the group of teen diabetics and their parents get to spend some personal time with the singer before he took the stage, they were also put up in suites from which they could watch the show at the Garden.

Dr. Sanjeev Mehta, who works at Joslin, told People, “It is so empowering for our young patients to see a superstar like Nick Jonas who has shared experiences with them as someone with type 1 diabetes. I am confident that Nick has inspired many of our pediatric patients to pursue their dreams.”

As People Magazine Reports

Dressed casually in jeans and a white Adidas hoodie, the 23-year-old hung out with the kids, who ranged in age from 9 to 17. They had even made a banner with the phrase #JoslinPumped4Jonas, referencing the insulin pumps worn by many type 1 diabetics. Nick shared his story of how he was diagnosed at age 13 and initially came to Joslin for treatment. Ultimately he ended up staying closer to home in New Jersey.

“He was super sweet – he was super focused on them,” an adult attendee told People. “He shook all their hands when he walked in and asked them when they were diagnosed.”

Savannah Gagnon, a 14-year-old Joslin patient who idolizes Jonas, was even able to give him a big hug – before bursting into tears.

“I even dressed up like him for a school project,” Savannah recalled. “I love him so much. I wanna cry right now.”

You’re an awesome guy, Nick.



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