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Almond Apricot Muffins, Anyone?

Let the combined flavor of almonds and apricots tickle your taste buds in the morning with this delicious muffin for breakfast!

Sumptuous Snacks: Tailgate Nachos

Don't be misled by nachos being labeled as junk food, check the ingredients to see that it's packed with vegetables!

Divine Dinners: Blackened Tuna with Tangy Mustard Sauce

Grilled tuna for dinner brings the family together for a different kind of barbecue night. Plus the tangy mustard sauce brings the sass to the dish!

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Cabbage Salad for Lunch to Celebrate St. Patrick’s!

Every day can be St. Patrick's day with this Irish staple! Enjoy these green leafy veggies for lunch.

Fancy an exotic breakfast? Try the North African Shakshuka!

Who says you have to serve the usual breakfast of bacon and eggs? With the North African Shakshuka, you still serve eggs, with zucchini, cheese, etc!

Sumptuous Snacks: Asian Green Triangles

It's Asian because of the baby bok choy, but the addition of ricotta makes it a tastier pastry.

Divine Dinners: Five Spice Pork

Need a quick and easy, but flavorful dinner? This Five Spice Pork is easy to cook and with the variety of vegetables this dish has, it's also healthy.

Prawn, Pea and Lemon Pasta, anyone?

If you're bored with your old red or white-sauced pasta, try putting in prawns and peas and taste the difference.

Who says you can’t have wine trifle for breakfast?

Trifle is an Australian festive treat, but it doesn't mean you can't have it for breakfast. If you want to be alcohol-free, just remove the sherry.

Sumptuous Snacks: Fruit and Nut Bars

Fruits and nuts are the perfect pick-me-up whenever you're hungry in between meals. It's not heavy on the stomach and yet it will keep you full for hours.