9 Tips for Staying Healthy With Type 2 Diabetes


With thousands of people being diagnosed with Diabetes each day, the question on many people’s mind after receiving their diagnosis is “What should I do now?”

First things first, build a solid relationship with your doctor. Ask the hard questions and make sure that you stay informed on your condition.

Also, try to incorporate the following things in your lifestyle if you want to stay healthy with Type 2 Diabetes:

Eat healthy: The food that you eat should be low in fat and sugar, and should include a large portion of vegetables, fruit and fiber. Keep the size of your portion in a reasonable range. You should be consuming just the right amount to maintain your weight and health.

Eat regularly: Instead of having a huge meal once or twice a day have small meals or snacks at regular intervals so that your blood sugar stays normal.

Get some exercise: Most doctors recommend aerobic exercises so that your heartbeat can elevated for maximum effect. These include exercises like cycling or jogging. However, not everyone can perform these so the exercise that suits you best should be discussed with your doctor.

Keep a check on your blood glucose: You need to discuss with your doctor about how often you should be checking your blood glucose. Keeping a frequent check helps you know what affects your level and how you can control it.

Don’t neglect taking your medicine: Many people don’t take medicines prescribed to them by their doctor. It is important to take them in the prescribed doses and frequency to help keep you blood sugar at normal levels.

Stay updated: Keep informed about any updates on the type 2 Diabetes treatment or any health research. Ask questions from your health care team if you feel that the news affects you in any way.

Fight depression: Depression is a common problem among those who have diabetes. By treating depression and diabetes, the blood sugar levels and depression symptoms both can be improved. If you are concerned about your diabetes care, share your concerns with your doctor or diabetes educator.

Look out for sores: Diabetes patients can develop foot sores which turn into severe wounds and, depending on the severity, sometimes require amputation. To prevent that from happening, you should frequently look for blisters, cuts and sores. If you find any or if you see something that it isn’t healing properly, you need to immediately see a doctor.

Don’t hide your condition: Many Diabetics don’t talk their condition to their family and friends and because of that, they even miss their insulin injections or get their sugar tested after long spells to avoid others knowing. They feel shame in sharing their health problem which puts their health at even greater risk. It is important to tell your loved ones about it so that they can help you get through it. They might also be able to prevent a potential tragedy from happening if they know what signs to look for.




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