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The Rising Prevalence of Diabetes and its Confounding Complications

New research from Decision Resources Group finds that the prevalent type 2 diabetes population in the G7 is rapidly increasing. And it's a confounding problem as to how to slow it down.

On Blood Glucose Variation After Food – Your Diabetes May Vary, Again!

Which would hit your bloodstream faster, a banana or a biscuit? Pure glucose or a slice of white bread?

Women Consuming too Much Meat, Fish at Higher Diabetes Risk Says Study

"However, we would not go so far as to say that fish is no longer a healthy and safe option," the study authors said. "Other studies are needed."

Fitness Tracker Hidden in Your Glasses being Developed by Former Google Glass Partner

The high tech glasses, when viewed from the front, like ordinary glasses. Hidden in the left arm is an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a magnetometer to track step count, calories, distance travelled and activity.

3 Ways to Instantly De-stress and Get Yourself Feeling Good Again

Has stress got you down? Well don't let it. Besides the obvious fact that you feel miserable, it's also no good at all for your health!

Food Accountability is Costing ‘Big Food’ Companies Market Share

Consumers are more passionate about the food they eat, and their appetites are creating dynamic shifts in the grocery aisle.

Lack of Exercise Costs the World $67.5 Billion a Year says New Study

The study provides the first-ever global estimate of the financial cost of physical inactivity by examining the direct health-care cost, productivity losses, and disability-adjusted life for a year.

Want to Remember Something You Just Learned? Exercise 4 Hours Afterwards

New research suggests an intriguing strategy to boost memory for what you've just learned: hit the gym four hours later.

Type 2 Diabetics Should Quit Paleo Diet Until More Clinical Evidence says Expert

Quit the paleo diet until there's more substantial clinical evidence supporting its health benefits, says the head of the Australian Diabetes Society.

Air Pollution May Increase Diabetes Risk says Study

The study in southern California linked exposure to bad air to increased risk of high cholesterol and damage to the body's ability to process blood sugar.