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Interview: Ann Baker on Smart Cloud Tech and Diabetes Treatment

Everyday Diabetes recently spoke with Ann Baker, vice president of wellness and care management at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan about the project and about diabetes care in the U.S.

An Interview with Dr. Seema Nanda on Good Health and Living with Diabetes

Along with being a wife and mother, Dr. Nanda is co-founder and editor in chief of the Be Fit and Fine blog, where she pens with a passion on health and wellness.

Dallas Miller – Veteran, Grandfather, Type 2 Diabetic

When his doctor told Dallas Miller he had diabetes, it took time before he accepted the diagnosis. But once he did, he put himself through an amazing life transformation.

James Earl Jones Reveals Diabetes Discovery was an ‘Accident’

In an interesting story, acting legend James Earl Jones opened up in a recent interview with ABC News saying that he learned that he had Type 2 diabetes by accident.

Victor Garber on Type 1 Diabetes: ‘You Can Live with It and Thrive’

Actor Victor Garber, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 12-years-old is being vocal in his battled against the stigma behind the disease.

Pioneer Diabetes Researcher Dr. Raghu Mirmira Joins IBRI

Dr. Raghu Mirmira has an established track record of building nationally recognized research centers

Tom Hanks Talks about Type 2 Diabetes

World renowned, and loved around the globe, Tom Hanks is one of the most talented actors of a generation.