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5 Great Tips for Anger Management and Controlling Stress

Here are some great tips from the doctor on being mindful and keeping anger and stress under control.

3 Ways to Instantly De-stress and Get Yourself Feeling Good Again

Has stress got you down? Well don't let it. Besides the obvious fact that you feel miserable, it's also no good at all for your health!

Interview: Dr. Bernard Golden on Anger Management, Mindfulness and Diabetes

Diabetes, although not caused by anger, may be exacerbated by anger. Increased levels of cortisol, resulting from the “fight-flight” response associated with anger, can impact blood glucose levels as well as decrease the immune system.

Teens with Low Resistance to Stress More Likely to Develop Type 2 Diabetes Later

These findings suggest that psychosocial function and ability to cope with stress may play an important long-term role in etiological pathways for type 2 diabetes.