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Eric Paslay Opens up About Living with Type 1 Diabetes Since he was Ten

Singer Eric Paslay has opened up about living with Type 1 diabetes in a new interview with People. He was diagnosed at age 10 after his grandmother noticed his excessive thirst.

These Dogs Can Smell Low Blood Sugar, but it’s not Cheap

For years, dogs have been trained to sense low blood sugar levels of persons with diabetes. A dog can detect when a person is about to pass out due to hypoglycemia.

Diabetes Device is First Ever FDA Approved Automatic Glucose Monitor

The system includes a sensor that attaches to the body to measure glucose levels under the skin; an insulin pump strapped to the body.

Pig Stealth Cells Could be Key to Treat Type 1 Diabetes Say Researchers

Coating insulin-producing cell-clusters with a thin protective layers may be a way to modify and use pig tissue to ultimately treat human diabetes.

Swimmer Overcomes Type 1 Diabetes to Compete in Rio Olympics

Type 1 diabetic Evita Leter is an Olympic swimmer who finished an impressive fifth in the heats of the women’s 100m breaststroke.

An Interview with Amy Jordan – Dancer, Choreographer, Type 1 Diabetic

Choreographer and motivational speaker, Amy Jordan, knows the perils and triumphs of life with Type 1 diabetes

A Talk With Mike Kendall – Founder of the ‘Everyday Ups and Downs’ Diabetes Blog

Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1991 at the age of 21, Mike and his wife Jane, whom he met in 1994, had a dual purpose for starting the blog.

Type 1 Diabetic UK Prime Minister Theresa May is an Inspiration

UK Prime Minister Theresa May was diagnosed with just 4 years ago with Type 1 while she was the United Kingdom's home secretary.

Diabetes: 8 Common Misconceptions

While more and more people discuss the growing spread of the disease, a lot of what they're saying is simply wrong.

Diabetes Sniffing Dogs? Evidence Appears to Say Yes

New diabetes research from Cambridge suggest that dogs can sniff out dangerous levels of a chemical that is released during hypoglycemic episodes.