Ways to Make Managing Diabetes Easier


My Friend Nicole contacted me  a couple of weeks ago. We met about a year ago on this site. She contacted me for her boyfriend who had recently been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Now she has been diagnosed with Diabetes.as well. NO…Diabetes is NOT contagious. YOU CAN NOT GET DIABETES FROM KISSING!!!!

Her boyfriend had a difficult time finding things that he liked to eat that also served to help him manage his Diabetes. Nicole used my site and some of my recipes to find things that interested him and worked for him, but also that she would enjoy as well. Her latest communication to me was:


No, no Nicole, if what you, or anybody with Diabetes wants is a donut, the egg may be a poor substitute. It will leave you longing for what you should not have, or only have in small quantities, rather than enjoying what you CAN have. I am guessing that what she wanted was a donut for breakfast. Why not? It is fast, sweet, and easy to do the drive -thru and get instant breakfast.

My alternative suggestions are:

  • Cinnamon toast using one of the many lower carbohydrate breads and cinnamon mixed with the sugar substitute of your choice. You say you have NO time to fix cinnamon toast, fine, I get it.
  • How about using a recipe for Cinnamon Crunch Cake? Either have a slice of that or make the recipe into 6-8 cupcakes to keep in the freezer or fridge.

Now to be absolutely clear, I am in no way knocking an egg breakfast. It is my all time favorite. However, if what you REALLY want is  a sweet and fast breakfast, eggs are not the answer.

What I do is save eggs for my days off. I make them into a great spinach omelet or egg cups, or simply fried eggs. Try that with some coffee or tea with hot frothed milk. No body, no restaurant can do it better than you can.

The trick is making something that has the same sense as what you think you can not eat.

The same is true for side dishes you crave.

Potatoes are possible in small amounts…for some people. For others it doesn’t quite work either because the small amount does not satisfy them, or that potatoes, rice, and pastas spike their readings. EACH OF US has to find the way to make it their own and make it work for us.

For me, well seasoned potatoes in a small portion work fine, but pasta and rice do not. I have learned to make riced cauliflower to replace the rice and spaghetti squash to replace “some” pasta. Anything well flavored (to my palate) works for me. I want the sense and texture of the foods. I too found it difficult to do the first few months. I felt deprived of the “good stuff”.

It took a while and now it is simply what I do. What had to happen was getting rid  of my preconceived  reactions. For example: I like cauliflower…well enough but….Now I really enjoy it in all the many variations we can make.

My friend Tony just got back from two months in Italy. He was “kind” enough to send daily pictures of  gelato and pasta dishes. Sure the pictures made me drool a little. OK, I admit it …a LOT!!! I realized, having spent time eating my way through Italy, that the pasta and gelato taste soooo much better IN ITALY than what we can find here. Drooling is fine for the meantime. I will deal with it when I get back to Italy.

What I am doing as a side dish (because it works for the space AND is scrumptious) is wilted spinach with very quickly cooked cherry or grape tomatoes. I bought some green beans and did them with the tomatoes as an alternative. Both are  simple and delicious and don’t put a strain on my counter space or my patience.

Hey, let’s face it: life with or without Diabetes has its trials. Guess we should make the best of it and….

ENJOY, be happy, be healthy, be creative and be DECADENT!



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