William ‘The Refrigerator’ Perry back in Hospital for Treatment


Former Bears defensive tackle William ‘Refrigerator’ Perry is reportedly back in the hospital for diabetes treatment. According to his brother Willie, the doctors at Northwestern Memorial Hospital discovered an infection in one of Perry’s legs so severe that it might require amputation.

The 53-year old former NFL star had attended the Bears’ 24-20 loss to the Lions Sunday at Soldier Field, where he was warmly welcomed by the fans. Perry has not been to Soldier Field in years and was able to attend the game in a wheelchair. “It was wonderful, great being back and doing things,” Perry said, before expressing his disappointment over being forced to stay at the hospital for treatment.

According to the Sun Times, Perry, who has been battling diabetes for years, says he has no sensation in one leg, from the middle of his shin to the bottom of his feet. This means that he may be in danger of having his leg amputated. On Monday, he was unable to make a scheduled appearance, an indication that things aren’t looking good for Perry.

He was supposed to be discharged on Tuesday and fly home with his brother, Willie. But his younger brother, Michael Dean, also a former NFL player, asked the doctors not to release him. The elder Perry was reportedly not happy with the decision.

“My brother is trying to say so and do everything,” Perry said. “I mean I’m 53 years old and I can handle my own business and stuff and everything.”



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