A Quick, Effective, Hourly Workout you can do at the Office

Exercise in the office Diabetes
Try not to break your office equipment.

A Lot of people ask me, “How Can I stay in shape if I don’t have the time, money and a membership?”

Let me cut straight to the chase: None of the above have to limit your ability to get into great shape. To get in shape all you really need is the will and the desire to improve your well-being.

Working out at work

For this column I want to focus on the office setting. It is understandable that it might be difficult to accomplish this schedule with consistency when you factor in work tasks, meetings, curious stares and other distractions –but you can do it!

So, here we go. Each cycle of this should only take you about 60 seconds or so.

Body Weight Squat

Every hour stand up from your chair and do a bodyweight squat and wall-push up for starters.  Both of these exercises are executed just like they sound.  

A bodyweight squat begins with a slightly wider than shoulder width stance (toes slightly pointed outward) and arms at your side with an erect stance. Once in position, push your hips and butt back while lowering yourself to a painless and comfortable position approximately 90 degrees formed from your hips and thigh while simultaneously raising your arms to shoulder level.

Pause for about a second at the bottom and return to the starting position by pushing through the entire surface area of your foot (focus on pushing through the middle of the foot to obtain this) and thrusting your hips forward as you rise from this position .  

The ending position will be with your arms at your side.

That’s one repetition. Repeat reps to the desired number you want to do.  

Wall Push Ups

Immediately, with no rest, walk to the wall and place your hands (palms down, at chest level ) against the wall with fingers spread and in a locked position.  The same position that would take place if one was lying on the floor.   

Wall Push Up exercise

Next, walk your feet backwards away.  How far is up to you, but the farther the feet are away from the wall the more resistance and the better the benefit.

Now, lower yourself to the wall and return to the starting position. Do this for 10 reps.

Coaching tip: It’s important to keep your entire body as straight as possible, while tightening your core.

This workout can be utilized by anyone from beginner to an intermediate.  However, if you’re looking for something more more intense, increase the number of pushups and squats from 10 to 20 or more per hour.

On to cardio

Next and probably the most challenging will be to accomplish the cardiovascular activity.  Not because it is impossible, but probably because of the work attire and complications of perspiring too much.  

This doesn’t mean it can’t be accomplished.  Making sure you have the right shoes on, either walk/run up the stairs a few times for a short interval session.  Even 1-2 short increments are very effective.

This will round out the resistance training with aerobic training.

You’re Done!

If you stick with this routine, by the end of a work day, you could easily rack up a couple hundred wall push-ups and bodyweight squats. Not bad at all for a day’s work.

So, remember it doesn’t take ‘fancy’ equipment and fitness facilities or an abundance of time, but it does take a little initiative, creativity and motivation!