No wonder Oktoberfest and Bieryoga come from Germany, their love for beer is so uncanny that they create amazing things from it. Emily and Jhula are the masterminds behind ‘beer yoga’, a German craze that allows fitness fanatics to carry out traditional yoga poses while taking sips of booze.

Participants in these sessions, which usually last an hour, can take sips of the alcohol in between but are advised to limit their drinking to just one or two bottles.

Dailymail reports:

The movement, called ‘Bieryoga’, started in Berlin in 2015 and has spread to cities like Melbourne and Sydney. Despite gushing that they are ‘passionate about beer’, Emily and Jhula insisted the craze was not all fun and games. 

‘Beer Yoga is fun but it’s no joke – we take the philosophies of yoga and pair it with the pleasure of beer-drinking to reach your highest level of consciousness,’ the Bieryoga official site reads, says Dailymail.

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