Interesting news for diabetics: Researchers at Oregon State University are developing a contact lens that would use people’s tears to monitor their blood glucose levels.

“I have a friend who has diabetes, and saw the issues he faces managing his sugar levels,” Gregory Herman, leader of the Oregon State University research team, told The Independent.

A research team led by Oregon State professor Gregory Herman has developed a transparent biosensor that, when placed in a contact lens, could also be used to detect symptoms an array of health conditions.

According to the report in Gizmodo

Currently, a lab-tested prototype can only detect blood glucose levels, but in the future, the team believes it could detect other medical conditions, possibly even cancer. It’ll be a few years before we see such futuristic contact lenses on pharmacy shelves, but the technologies required to build this noninvasive diagnostic device largely exists today. This research will be presented today at the 253rd National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society.

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