Diabetic Kidneys Can Be Donated

If you have Diabetes and would still want to be an organ donor, great news, you can donate your kidneys. People who received kidneys from diabetic donors were 9 percent less likely to die during that follow-up period than those who were still on the wait-list or were seeking a kidney from a non-diabetic donor, the study found.

However, poor-quality kidneys from deceased diabetic donors did not improve survival chances.

Renalandurologynews.com reports:

Transplanting “high-risk” diabetic donor kidneys provides a survival advantage over staying on the waitlist for many candidates, researchers reveal.

Using the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network database, Jordana B. Cohen, MD, MSCE, of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and colleagues compared 8101 recipients of diabetic donor kidneys and 126,560 recipients of nondiabetic donor kidneys who underwent surgery following the first diabetic donor kidney transplant in 1994.

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